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Frequently Asked Questions

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MOOSE Kicking Tee is a world first: it properly positions the ball for a perfectly struck 'drop punt'.

MOOSE has a registered design and is also protected by a comprehensive patent application.


How can I contact the team at Moose Kicking Tee?

Call us on 1300 650 059, email admin@moosekickingtee.com, or mail to PO Box 269, Forestville NSW 2087, Australia

How do I construct MOOSE?

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What if I am using a junior size ball or a more narrow footy?

Construct MOOSE using the narrow bridge between the antlers.

What if I am using an adult size ball or more broad footy?

Construct MOOSE using the broad bridge between the antlers.

How do I use MOOSE correctly?

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Elite AFL players are now using MOOSE to refine their connection skills . . . with both feet.

Tell me more about the drop punt and the NFL

The drop punt is moving in on the NFL, and this is what they are saying:

"These punters use a distinctive kicking method borrowed from their days in Australian Rules Football: the drop punt.

The technique, which sends the ball spinning end-over-end instead of a traditional spiral, typically allows punters to 

pinpoint their kicks to within five yards.  It can also result in fewer odd bounces, including that ultimate punter faux pas - a ball that bounces into the end zone for a touchback."


Tell me about Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd

Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company specialising in the design and production of premium kicking tees based in Sydney Australia, and managed by Founder, David MacKay.

Where was MOOSE designed?


Why is it called MOOSE?

Carefully place MOOSE on your head, then ask your mates.

What is MOOSE made from?

Polypropylene over-molded

Why does one player kick longer and straighter than another?

Refined technique and perfect connection is usually the answer.

Has MOOSE been approved for on-field use?

The ARU has officially approved MOOSE for penalties and conversions in Rugby Union.

Where can I go to see and ‘test drive’ MOOSE?

Send an email request to admin@moosekickingtee.com to find out more.

What are the delivery times in Australia?

Allow 48–72 hours after payment is received for metropolitan areas. Regional areas may take up to another 48-72 hours.

Is delivery free across Australia?

Delivery for one MOOSE is a $9 flat fee anywhere in Australia.  For orders of two or more MOOSE to one address, delivery is free across Australia.

Overseas delivery: What are the timings and costs?

Delivery outside Australia is generally within 2 weeks of received payment. Email admin@moosekickingtee.com to confirm delivery charges.

How is MOOSE different to other kicking tees on the market?

MOOSE is the first kicking aid that properly presents the ball to enable complete focus on the perfect drop punt.

The unique design of MOOSE enables better connection with the ball for a straight kick.

A well struck ball off MOOSE will gain good height, distance and incredible accuracy.  Practice makes perfect.

What if there is a problem with my delivery?

Please send an email to admin@moosekickingtee.com or call 1300 650 059 to discuss with a member of our team.



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