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About Us

 Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company specialising in the design and production of the unique and innovative Moose Kicking Tee.


How is MOOSE unique?

MOOSE is the first kicking aid that properly presents the ball to enable complete focus on perfecting the kick. 

With the football neatly suspended between the MOOSE antlers, players can connect more effectively with the ball to achieve a brilliant drop punt.

A well struck ball off MOOSE will gain good height, distance and incredible accuracy.  Practice makes perfect.


Who can use MOOSE?

MOOSE is designed for use across all player levels and all footy codes:

JUNIORS - the look, feel and sound of a perfectly struck kick can be achieved much faster and build muscle memory. 

PROFESSIONALS - segmenting and refining each skill is essential to advance at the elite level. 


The game of football has so much to offer and here in Australia we love our footy.  Whether it's AFL, NRL or Rugby Union, the oval shaped ball has been responsible for bringing joy, comradery and passion to generations of players, coaches, and fans.


Over the years, we've witnessed so many changes and enhancements to the game: improved coaching regimes, re-defined rules, superior player physique and talent and innovative training tools - all of which contribute to making the game of footy much more competitive and exciting than ever before.

When it comes to training tools it’s interesting to see how the humble kicking tee has developed over the years.  With this in mind, David MacKay, founder of the Moose Kicking Tee, carefully studied the kicking styles of sports professionals across all footy codes throughout time.  Drawing upon the learnings from kickers in all codes, MacKay believed there was something really important applying new thinking to help ensure more players were better able to kick the ball straight consistently. To kick a footy perfectly straight required focus and determination and MacKay envisaged this accuracy of ball flight could be garnered much more effectively by proper ball connection and the power of kicking straight through the ball rather than from 'around the corner'.


There just had to be a better way to kick it straight …

David MacKay not only ear-bashed all his friends and family with his idea, but he took it a step further and invested in building a prototype of his MOOSE Kicking Tee concept.  With the help of some very enthusiastic fellow sports nuts - including family, friends, nephews, elite athletes, coaches and just about anyone around who was still within earshot-  the testing of the MOOSE concept proved to be a huge success.


The result…

After countless refinements and with an unwavering dedication to the design quality as well as a firm commitment to functional simplicity and versatility to ball size, the unique Moose Kicking Tee emerged and a passionate Australian's ambitious footy concept transformed into a working reality — and would become footy's finest kicking tee.


Introducing MOOSE . . .

Great connection with the ball is essential to achieving a perfect kick. MOOSE helps to develop and refine the skills needed to execute a brilliant drop punt. Isolating the kicking action and ball connection allows players and coaches to advance the kicking education process much more effectively.

The unique design of MOOSE enables better connection with the ball for a more accurate kick.  Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd is very proud to bring you this world first kicking tee innovation.

MOOSE - Kick it straight.


Question:  Why is it called MOOSE?

Answer:   Carefully place MOOSE on your head, then ask your mates.





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